Presbytery of Southern California

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Our Story

The Presbytery of Southern California is a presbytery of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The PSC was founded when the Presbytery of California grew large enough to be divided into two presbyteries. The boundaries of the PSC include Arizona, Hawaii, and all of California south of the northern boundaries of San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bernardino counties.

If you would like more information about establishing an OPC congregation in your town, contact Pastor Hartshorn, our Regional Home Missionary.

Arizona Churches

California Churches

Hawaii Church

Our Stated Meetings

The Presbytery meets three times a year in February, May, and October. These meetings are held at various locations throughout Southern California and Arizona.

Our Special Events

In addition to our regular meetings, we also have other events throughout the year. These are a lot of fun and help edify our regional church.

  • College and Career Fellowship meets on the first Sunday night of every month from 7:30-9:30, as well as hosts quarterly events throughout the year.
  • Family Camp (aka Blue Ridge Bible Conference) is usually mid-June
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive for Westminster Seminary California students is in November
  • Winter Youth Camps for Jr. High and High School/College are held in January
  • Women’s Retreat is in early-April
  • [Women’s Refresh Day] is held annually in September/October
  • [Ministers & Wives Fellowship] is an annual gathering of PSC Ministers and their wives for a time of discussion, fellowship, feasting, and prayer