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College and Careers Meets 5 February

From our College and Careers Ministry:

This month we’re doing something a little bit different. We’ll be having our regular time of singing, and then jump into a time of prayer and after that we’re going to have what I like to call a brainstorming session. We want to hear from you! So come with your ideas for college and careers as we move ahead in the future. What kinds of things do you want to see? What times might work better for meetings? How can we promote College and Careers to our peers at church? All questions we hope to explore, and make decisions based on the answers in the future.

If you have ideas, but aren’t sure if you’ll make the meeting, please leave your input in the form found at this link:…

We’d also like to know how to pray for each other, so for everyone, leave a prayer request in the form as well!

See you all on February 5th!

For more information, contact: